Monday, June 8, 2009

Bridging from Hot Arms

Hot Arms lusts after p'ster or p'ster's sparring ability. Poor Hot Arms. She really needs to get divorced and have passionate, meaningless sex with someone. Any available red-blooded person would want to assist her!

She still inspires me but I've really slacked because of many reasons. But I am getting private boxing lessons from Coach M., who I've been told was on the US Olympic boxing team. I've not asked Coach M. about this but the guy knows his stuff. I love it!

Still I will need to return to hotarmacising. I want to do a bridge position on my hands instead of my head. For that, I will need stronger triceps. Ah, Hot Arms. Able to do several pull-ups. Bridge position on her hands is a non-issue. But I envy her ability. Chair dips here I come.

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