Sunday, July 17, 2011

We (or at least I) have returned

It has been a year and a half since I blogged here. P'ster and I were discussing this blog the other day and decided we should resume this blog because so many things have happened at the dojo and our time at the dojo is finite. I plan to quit after my black belt test and p'ster plans to quit after she gets hers. And Hot Arms is still there and she is still hot and her arms are hot. And she's still intense and seems to still hate her husband.

The Shihan has been charged with having sex with teenagers and the dojo is now owned by his wife and the African-American sensei. A smarmy guy is the new manager. He's as pompous as the Shihan but much less talented in martial arts. He is a white belt and tells everyone how to do everything. He's fat, he shouts and he talks constantly about how in shape he was 25 years ago. He's very loud. My ick factor is very high around him.

Hot Arms is moving further away. She'll be 30 minutes away from the dojo because she is buying a new house with the husband she hates. The girl is crazy. She will only be able to go to the dojo 2 days a week and may need to take a break from working toward her own black belt. She's sad.

The Shihan was arrested twice in the late winter for molesting / having sex with teenage girls. He's not supposed to be at the dojo. I've seen him too much. He's subdued but simmering. I expect he will take the case to trial. He is a creep.

I hope P'ster writes too. Our lives are different and diverging but we love to write and we love kickboxing. And we still think Hot Arms is hot in her own intense way.