Monday, June 29, 2009

Hot Arms and her kid and meds

Hot Arms and I partner last week in Kickboxing last week. After class, she and I get to talking about our very bright, quirky sons. She asks how the meeting with my son's psychiatrist went and I tell her he has ADHD and we put him on meds for school but are giving him a break on weekends and over the summer. But the drug is miraculous in focusing my son for school and homework. She says her kid is having transition and focus issues and since he is entering first grade, he needs to transition and to focus better. I rave about the effect the drug has on our kid as confirmed by kid and his teacher.

Hot Arms is a pulmonologist. She works whenever her husband does not. She avoids him and she worries about her son. Like I worry about mine. She takes medications for her medical needs like I do for mine. Reluctantly, I give or rather, my partner dispenses, what is basically speed for our 6 year old son. Well, it fires up the correct, in scholastic terms, parts of his brain. I give her the name of our psychiatrist and wish her well. I tell her if something is needed, it should not be denied.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Women warriors

I sparred Hot Arms today. She's fast, she's good but she's a newbie. And an uber-perfectionist. She was beating herself up for not being better than she is. This was her third time sparring. She is intense.

She does look fetchingly sexy when she sweats, spars, removes her headgear. She could have anyone she wants. I guess she's not ready yet for extra-marital activities (of course not with me. I'm married and besides, she seems to have a thing for p'ster). I came home and did 50 chair dips. She inspires.

On another issue: p'ster kicked and pummeled me mightily after I kicked her in the nose. We were sparring and it was implicitly consensual. "A wake up call", p'ster said with ice cold fury. Her dark eyes dilated black. Her face blazed amazon ferocity. She was primal anger pounding my face and my head and my ribs. She mesmerized me and I froze. I understood fundamentally, she craved vengeance and I was compelled to acquiesce.

Shortly after this, the boy sparrers separated us. It's always good to work with different people and frequently, necessary.

After class, p'ster confessed she was very pissed off. She has a lot fire of deep within. An epiphany for her. Calling upon it as needed and controlling it is challenging; but oh, the strength and power she will wield! Go p'ster. Uzz!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bridging from Hot Arms

Hot Arms lusts after p'ster or p'ster's sparring ability. Poor Hot Arms. She really needs to get divorced and have passionate, meaningless sex with someone. Any available red-blooded person would want to assist her!

She still inspires me but I've really slacked because of many reasons. But I am getting private boxing lessons from Coach M., who I've been told was on the US Olympic boxing team. I've not asked Coach M. about this but the guy knows his stuff. I love it!

Still I will need to return to hotarmacising. I want to do a bridge position on my hands instead of my head. For that, I will need stronger triceps. Ah, Hot Arms. Able to do several pull-ups. Bridge position on her hands is a non-issue. But I envy her ability. Chair dips here I come.